SilkShimmerZ World Mission

Hello to all our New and Long Time ShimmerZ Friends! We’re seeing much interest here on Silk ShimmerZ Facebook page. Interest and orders from New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri, to name some of the states from which new customers are contacting us. Even with these and all

SilkShimmerZ World Mission

One Smile At a Time!

Strands of colored silk… such a simple product that its potential is not apparent as you hold a strand or package in your hand. We only came to realize the possibilities as a result of the women – all of them – one after another, often several at a time,

One Smile At a Time!


Ladies and Gentle Women! From this day forward let it be known: NO WOMAN WILL BE LEFT BEHIND! Wipe away all tears and weep no more! Hear ye… All who have lived with regret! Hear Now… and be joyful, any woman tempted by ShimmerZ envy! No Woman Left Behind means


SPARKLERS! – SilkShimmerZ as “Fireworks” to Wear in Your Hair!

Each February, for the past 28 years, fireworks professionals and enthusiasts have gathered in Beautiful Lake Havasu, AZ to show off the best of the best in aerial shell construction and show choreography. At the WPA’s 25th anniversary Winter Balst, women of the pyro world were introduced to Silk ShimmerZ.

SPARKLERS!  – SilkShimmerZ as “Fireworks” to Wear in Your Hair!


“Ma’am, do you know why I stopped you?” asked the office after pulling her over. “No, officer, I wasn’t speeding, I’m sure of that!” “Ma’am – “I know it sounds crazy, But it looked like your hair was on fire!” Said the now flustered policeman.


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Silk Hair ShimmerZ! The Original Hair Bling Sparkle Shimmers!

Natural Silk ShimmerZ - sparkling hair strands that create a magical aura - flashes of shifting glitter, illumination and dazzle! These 18 and 36", silk strands are very thin and light. Once applied, they feel just like your own hair. Silk ShimmerZ stand up to your styling requirements. So... Hot Iron, Blow Dry, Color, Cut, Perm and Curl. Your ShimmerZ will last for months!

“21 Packs - All Colors Special!”  

Only$200.00 (no substitutions)


“21 Pack – All Color Special !”

All 18 colors - Choice of length.


  • one pack of 40” Gold Opalescence
  • one pack of 40” Silver Opalescence.
  • one pack of 18” Rainbow.

No Substitutions.

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“Due to dye lot changes in manufacturing, colors may vary slightly from photos”