About Silk ShimmerZ

Silk… There’s Nothing Like the Real Thing!

Silk ShimmerZ are Thai silk strands that last in your hair for months. Even as you flat iron, color, blow dry and wash your hair on a regular basis – SilkShimmerZ continue to Sparkle, Shimmer and Shine!
SilkShimmerZ.com is the company that introduced this concept product to the industry in 2008 at the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas. Since then the popularity of silk ShimmerZ has done nothing but continue to grow. Others are now offering imitation, synthetic products. We wish other companies the best of success, but you should know…
Synthetic materials feel like plastic because they are! Too thick to secure with the proper knot, they soon fall out. And they can melt at normal flat iron temperature settings.   Silk ShimmerZ can take the heat and general wear and tear of normal hair care. The current record for a single strand is eighteen, (18) months!   Silk ShimmerZ instantly impress with their subtle beauty and luxurious feel And you can be confident knowing that in healthy hair they can and usually do last for months.
In Las Vegas, Orlando, Birmingham, and San Juan Puerto Rico we have introduced the ShimmerZ sensation to stylists at trade shows attended by tens of thousands of salon stylists. The Shimmerz sensation shows no sign of fading. Via the web and word-of-mouth, SilkShimmerZ have found their way across the US to Britan, Europe, Fabulous Dubai, and South Africa.
And no wonder – ShimmerZ are an inexpensive and safe way to create the long-lasting sizzle and shine woman are looking for. ShimmerZ create a sensation wherever you go. Be prepared to be stopped by women who want what you have – Silk ShimmerZ.

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Buy Thai Silk ShimmerZ and enjoy the feel and long lasting colors. Exotic as Thailand yet practical and as easy to take care of as your own beautiful hair.