There’s Nothing Like the Real Thing!


Natural Silk In your Hair creates Sparkle, Illumination and Dazzle!

Women will ask you What you are Wearing in your hair and…

Where they can get them!


These 18″ or 36″ long, 100% Silk Strands are very thin and light. Once applied, they feel just like your own hair. Single strands of silk are tied one at a time, adding a shimmer of glitz and glamour. Application is easy to learn. See the instructional video or call us. We are always ready to help you.


An all-natural way to add highlights to your hair and energize your attitude. Thin and light, these silk strands, each tied to one strand of hair, add instant highlights without chemicals or expensive treatments.


   Come in many colors to complement any hair color, occasion or mood. In Gold, Mocha, and Silver, they can blend into the hair. In Pink, Purple and Green, they pop out for fun and dazzle.



Some call them dazzle, tinsel, bling or flairs. But what they mean…

What you want when you want the ones that last are

Silk ShimmerZ!





“Due to dye lot changes in manufacturing, colors may vary slightly from photos”