We are amazed to see all thie different ways people are searching for Silk Hair ShimmerZ on the web. Below is a partial list tof the key words we found being tyed in Google searches. At the end of the day – end of your web search – we want you to find the Original, all natural and long lasting Silk Hair Shimmers – Silk ShimmerZ.

Four long years ago we introduced this totally new product to the United States hair fashion market. Since that time the idea REALLY caught on! But as could be expected, some of the competition that sprouted up is offering plastic products that melt and fall out quickly. And they do not know the prper method for securing shimmer hair strands so that they stay tied – lasting for months as Silk ShimmerZ do. Your hair may, (naturally), break off but the ShimmerZ Hair Strand that is properly tied will still be attached and can be re-applied on a new hair. The longest lasting example we are currently aware of for a single Silk Hair ShimmerZ strand is 18 months. Six to eight months is very common. And every year a women or two – or this year three at IBS Las Vegas stopped by our booth to show us sparkling Silk ShimmerZ Hair Strands that we had tied for they at the previous show over a year ago! So buy and apply Silk Hair ShimmerZ Strand for yourself and your customers to insure long lasting beauty and customer satisfaction.

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