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SilkShimmerZ World Mission

Hello to all our New and Long Time ShimmerZ Friends! We're seeing much interest here on Silk ShimmerZ Facebook page. Interest and orders from New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri, to name some of the states from which new customers are contacting us....

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One Smile At a Time!

Strands of colored silk… such a simple product that its potential is not apparent as you hold a strand or package in your hand. We only came to realize the possibilities as a result of the women - all of them - one after another, often several at a time, turning to...

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"Ma'am, do you know why I stopped you?" asked the office after pulling her over. "No, officer, I wasn't speeding, I'm sure of that!" "Ma'am - "I know it sounds crazy, But it looked like your hair was on fire!" Said the now flustered policeman. "That's okay" she...

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One Night Strands!

Have you purchased a bright strand of hair tinsel by one name of another - a beautiful strand that looked so good in your hair only to see it fall out after only a few hours or maybe one day? We call them: "One Night Strands."   One thing you can be sure of.... they...

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It's a Party! and It's Your New Business! It's also an opportunity that is really growing! Your ShimmerZ party host invites her friends. You tie her hair full of ShimmerZ for free and tie ShimmerZ Party guests for a discounted rate - a discount not a give...

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Chocolate and ShimmerZ!

"What are those and where can I get some?" That was the question women asked Karen time and time again when she first tied Silk ShimmerZ in her hair. As interest continued to grow we realized that we had found something that women liked as much as chocolate!...

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