Ladies and Gentle Women! From this day forward let it be known: NO WOMAN WILL BE LEFT BEHIND! Wipe away all tears and weep no more! Hear ye… All who have lived with regret! Hear Now… and be joyful, any woman tempted by ShimmerZ envy! No Woman Left Behind means that those with layered styles, women with attractive, but short cuts, all who suffer from the heart ache of HTSFS, (Hair Too Short For SilkShimmerZ). Yesterday your hair was too short for your stylist to apply ShimmerZ strands. Today… you are free from the stigma of hair devoid of ShimmerZ, sun fired luster! Yesterday… your hair was just too short! Today… Your doo, really is just right for you – and ready for SilkShimmerZ!

What was the cause of this breakthrough? The ShimmerZ Pick! So… we hope you enjoyed the dramatics. And really, we have had to consoled more than a few genuinely unhappy women – some were angry for want of what we really could not give them! Whatever the actual cause of these unhappy displays may have been, prior to the discovery of this tool, no one could hand tie SilkShimmerZ in shorter hair lengths. With the advent of Shimmerz Picks this is no longer a limitation!

Just as with the hand tied method, Stylists and individual ShimmerZ enthusiasts will need to learn something new. But just like the old way, it’s not really difficult. While learning you may remember that we said this a let slip a… word. When you’ve mastered the new method – drop a card in the mail. Say nothing more than,”Sorry”. We’ll know what it’s about and you will feel better! So, get your pick and get started! We have a video waiting for you on our Web Site! Find it by clicking the link or from our home page, look for the Video on the drop down menu under “Instructions.” ShimmerZ Picks, the tool with which you will be helping us change the world – one hair at a time. They are inexpensively priced and in stock now – waiting for your order at:

So, we had a little fun with this but really – those who learn to apply SilkShimmerZ with the new ShimmerZ pick will be encouraged. It’s so fast and versatile – fast enough that you may never return to the conventional hand tying method. That’s right, ShimmerZ picks work equally well with short and long hair! But really ladies, there are women out there – your friends, strangers and family that would love and enjoy that added sparkle felt from head to heart – the feeling that explains the ShimmerZ smile. Smiles that come from the heart. How can you put a price on one of these? And they come from this simple, simply wonderful product – SilkShimmerZ. Now available to women who previously suffered from HTSFS!

Because of this innovation, stylists need never turn down a hopeful customer because of the length of her hair! Well, maybe that’s not universally true. There is a threshold – a minimum length. But we are reluctant to say exactly what that might be. Just as with the conventional method, your finger width and dexterity – your dedication, diligent practice and patience will ultimately determine just how short is really, too short! But hair that short – how ever short you may find it to be – leaves a wide margin – a large, added number of women now eligible. Eligible? is that the word? Let’s say that for those who are experienced – those who have tied lots and lots of ShimmerZ – you will be so pleased to see how few women must be told wait, to come back when their hair is a little longer. Stating this in the positive – you will be able to offer SilkShimmerZ to many, many more – a much larger percentage of your regular and walk in clients. NO WOMAN LEFT BEHIND…? Look at it this way. By the time you finish tying all those average short, short hair cut gals – those women with genuinely, “Too Short” hair will have grown a main long enough that a blind beautician with a broken arm could do the job!

Having seen it happen right before our eyes so many times – with no hesitation we are pleased to say that Silk ShimmerZ make a women feel good about herself – giving each a gentle lift to their heart. SilkShimmerZ increases your income as a styling professional or independent representative and ShimmerZ Party Sponsor. Added income makes you happy! We, as founders of the Hair Shimmer look and owners of, say that we are changing the world, one hair at a time. We say it because it sounds nice. But we also say it because, over time we have seen that it is true! Happiness is such a powerful force. Now, thinking of your customers attitude and your checkbook, consider that ever time you tie a strand of Silk in a woman’s hair, two people are happier! One hair, two smiles and the whole world feels just a little bit better.

If you ever frowned because of HTSFS – because your Hair was Too Short For ShimmerZ – Remember, It’s a new Day! And if you have ever been discourage by the number of women you turn away women excited upon learning that you were the local ShimmerZ lady but who are now disappointed because their hair was not long enough, Its’ A new Day for you too!

HTSFS…? That was yesterday. NO WOMAN LEFT BEHIND! This is today and tomorrow! From now on it’s a little bit like, a little bit more of a new, happier world! Look again and see what is happening. You and all the other ShimmerZ Stylists – all of you, having linked up with us at, Together, we really are making people happier. We are, we really are changing the world for the better – one hair at a time!