Have you purchased a bright strand of hair tinsel by one name of another – a beautiful strand that looked so good in your hair only to see it fall out after only a few hours or maybe one day? We call them: “One Night Strands.”  

One thing you can be sure of…. they are NOT SilkShimmerZ!

At this years IBS Show in Las Vegas we heard it all again – women who were not interested in ShimmerZ because they mistakenly compared them with the other brands that quickly fall out.

Why does this happen?

1.) Other brands are thick and wide which makes for a fat knot in your hair that catches when you brush or comb – breaking the hair, pulling the hair out at the root or simply sliding that colored strand completely off the hair onto the floor.

2.) Companies that sell imitation, colored hair strands do not know how to tie one strand of hair to one of their colored threads. Time after time we see their strands tied to multiple strands of customers, hair – leaving not just an enlarged knot that catches on combs and brushes. But also, their multiple hair tying procedure leaves a tangle of hair between the scalp and a knot that cannot help but hook the first time you comb or brush. The result? That pretty strand is guaranteed to be pulled out of the hair – or worse – yanked out with a clump of your hair attached. OUCH!

With all but natural SilkShimmerZ, you are probably walking around with a One Night Strand!

SilkShimmerZ – Our original, all natural Silk fibers are tied individually – One ShimmerZ strand to one strand of your hair. The knot is so small and fine you often cannot even feel it. And finally, tying one SilkShimmerZ Strand to one Strand of your hair leaves no loop to catch when you comb or brush. The hair may eventually break or fall out naturally. But neither of these possibilities is the result of the ShimmerZ strand.

Try SilkShimmerZ and you will see and feel for yourself. SilkShimmerZ feels like your natural hair – because they are fine garment quality strands of one of natures strongest, most beautiful fibers.

We suggest that our stylist / customers tell their clients to expect SilkShimmerZ to last for weeks. But in fact in healthy hair SilkShimmerZ will last for moths at a time.The current record is somewhere beyond twelve months – past which it’s too hard to keep track. Three woman showed us ShimmerZ,  still full of color that we had tied for them at last years, 2011 Las Vegas, IBS show. This happens every year!

So ladies, spread the word! Friends don’t let friends wear                   One Night Strands!

From now on, only purchase and apply the Original, All Natural – SilkShimmerZ. You and your clients will be so glad you have high standards.

Silk… as in… SilkShimmerZ! There’s just nothing like the real thing! Brought to you with pride by SilkShimmerZ.com.

SilkShimmerZ – making you and your world more beautiful with real Silk – one hair at a time… SilkShimmerZ!