Strands of colored silk… such a simple product that its potential is not apparent as you hold a strand or package in your hand. We only came to realize the possibilities as a result of the women – all of them – one after another, often several at a time, turning to look and call us to stop, sometimes in very unusual and improbable places. All the women who stopped Karen in those first months to ask, “What are those? Where can I get them?” These women gave us the encouragement we needed to launched

Since then, the magic of ShimmerZ has been shared all across the United States, through much of Europe and in country’s as distant and divergent as Japan and South Africa. But that speaks of commercial success. Not a bad thing, but for this moment, not the most interesting thing. I’m thinking of the fact that after all the trade shows, the travel and new faces – all that happens in a business such as this, it’s still the individual reactions. It still makes me shake my head and remains a source of wonderment – the fact that SilkShimmerZ, these simple strands of silk never fail to make women happy, or happier, as even those already feeling good are noticeably uplifted with just a couple of SilkShimmerZ.
Best of all is that woman who appears tired or unhappy. Looking at herself in a mirror, her hair now accented with ShimmerZ strands, her face – all their faces brighten – their countenance changing in a moment – a frown is replaced by a smile and a look of renewed enthusiasm.
People ask us if we are in the “Hair Business?” “No,” I’ve heard myself say… “We’re in the happiness business.” Really! At this point, with no concern for how that remark might rate on the corniness scale – I’m simply pleased to know that we’ve made at lot of women at least a little – sometimes quite a lot – happier. So once again I’ll write what you’ve seen written here before – Thank you all for being part of this odd little phenomenon – We may be in the “Hair Business.” But from another perspective, we’re in the business of making people smile – in this very simple way, making the world a better place – one hair at a time!