“Ma’am, do you know why I stopped you?” asked the office after pulling her over. “No, officer, I wasn’t speeding, I’m sure of that!” “Ma’am – “I know it sounds crazy, But it looked like your hair was on fire!” Said the now flustered policeman.

“That’s okay” she replied, “I’ve been getting lots of complements since I had my stylist tie SilkShimmerZ in my hair. But this is one compliment I will certainly remember! I think I’ll say you pulled me over on suspicion of DUI!” The Policeman’s look changed to one of confusion. “No, your driving was fine I was just startled by all that color and sparkle – I’d never seen anything like it and…”

“And you couldn’t resist stopping me to find out what it was?” she said with a knowing smile. The officers face was growing redder by the moment. “I’m not going to lie – I really was curious – but this has nothing to do with a DUI stop.” he insisted.

“Well, I’m glad you don’t plan to arrest me – but how about DUI, as is in, “Dare to be Utterly Irresistible,” is that saying too much? she grinned at him. “Ma’am, you have a point there – I’m not going to log this as anything more than a cautionary stop – certainly not a DUI in any ordinary sense. But I’ll never use that term again without remembering your hair – So you win this one – You are the only DUI that I every let get away!

SilkShimmerZ – they just might get you a DUI and a pleasant chat with Officer Friendly!

As we enjoy or endure – depending on your outlook – these last months of cold winter weather – brighten your life and put smiles on the faces of friends and lovers with strands of vibrantly colored, shimmering SilkShimmerZ. Dare to be Utterly Irresistible!